What is DasLab?
Getting Started with us
DasLab is a platform that provides software to manage the value chain between labs and people who want to have a test. Whether you are a single GP or a lab with millions of tests a month, you can use DasLab to:
    Find and sell your healthcare/diagnostic products
    Access a network of labs and healthcare products
    Request access to standardised test and patient data
    Analyze the most important metrics for your business in one place
    Keep track of all your transactions in one place
    Add digital workflows to previously manual processes

Type of Partners

We have 5 types of partners to our API
    Samplers: These organisations collect samples, blood, COVID-19 swabs, you name it. They are also the online storefronts, managing which products they sell at which price.
    Labs: These organisations process samples and issue results.
    Clients: These organisations refer users to us, sometime retaining access to some of the data, clients can also provide codes for free or discounted tests
    Providers: These organisations can process or augment test data for example using AI, telehealth providers or pharma companies for use of the data for clinical trials
    Checkers: These organisations verify data is valid, for example event organisers or government bodies.

Getting started resources

Types of Access

The DasLab dashboard and API can be accessed with different access levels
    Organisation (Org) eg: DasLab
      Company wide data and configuration
    Location eg: DasLab Berlin
      Single location data and configuration
The owner of a location or org has additional setup configuration options. These also have several restrictive sub-roles, for doctors, or customer support for example.
The interface for sampler takers that are not owners, is much simpler and much more suited to mass testing staff, nurses, students. It is always better not to give too many permissions.
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