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Training for vaccination

This page explains the workflow for adding a vaccination to a patient's appointment

Home screen

You have two options of starting appointments. The first is to select "Scan a code" and scan a patients booking QR code (usually on their smartphone). The second is to select Appointments either from the start screen or the menu on the left.
Menu top left
The appointments page shows you all bookings of the current day. Use the calendar on the top right to browse to any other date. You can start an appointment by clicking on the patient name or by entering their name in the search field. Note that the search applies to the selected date only.
Select Appointments to see list of all bookings
The green lights indicate that all variables are fulfilled and you are ready to proceed by clicking START APPOINTMENT. Should any of the lights be red, simply click on the section to open up a detailed view of each.
Select START APPOINTMENT to proceed
Batch numbers are added or updated manually by you. Once a number is entered or changed, it is automatically selected for your next patient/appointment. When a new batch starts, simply click "Change batch number" and update it.
Select SAVE to finish the vaccination process
You will be automatically redirected to the appointments page after saving where you can continue with the next patient.