DasLab for developers


You're on your way to building an integration to DasLab!

What you can do with our API

1) Subscribe to events from your account

This works via REST api webhooks so you add https://yourserver.com/webhook to your server and we will send the events, with some information as detailed here.

2) Submit data

  • Samplers: sampleResult, appointmentCreate, massAppointmentCreate, codeCreate, massCodeCreate, setSlotAvailability (soon)

  • Labs: sampleResult, codeCreate, massCodeCreate

  • Clients: codeCreate, massCodeCreate

We have a REST api for submitting data and the endpoints are documented here

3) HL7 2-way integration for labs

This integration uses an SFTP mailbox to:

  • Fetch the orders and sample patient data

  • Publish the results to DasLab

Instructions to set this up are here.

4) Docsping

An integration to fill PDF forms with the results of a test. Used for filling in COVID government forms primarily.

5) Custom integration for labs

Already have a system for processing orders or returning results programatically? Contact us here

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