HL7 for labs

This integration is mostly for labs at this time.

Here is a high level of the messages we support for HL7 2.7

Writing an order:

Read results:

We currently have several flavours of the integration for Amedes, Synlab, Quade. Adding a new flavour requires a few days but we are happy to do so.

How do we exchange data?

At the moment we have opted for an SFPT inbox and outbox. In integration settings please provide credentials for such a folder with and /inbox and /outbox folder.

We will post orders to your /inbox folder and poll the /outbox folder for new files. Files when the be deleted from the /outbox folder once processed.

Files will be named order1234.hl7 and result1234.hl7 and must have unique names. We recommend you do not delete but move the files out of the /inbox folder to another folder as your process them.

We can also support a certificate for the ssl connection for increased security.

Here are some sample files:

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